A Wishlist

This post was started on 2020-07-13. It was published on 2020-07-13.

A few days ago, Prof. Shriram Krishnamurthi started writing on a website using his own Racket-based website generator, including a detailed About page. I particularly liked the section about why the site is not a blog, which includes some thoughts about how he wants the site to develop. That got me thinking that I should write down what I want from Colophon. I’ll try to update this post as and when the particular features are implemented (or discarded).

In no particular order:

I don’t have a particular order in which I’d like these things to be implemented. In fact, most of them will probably be implemented piecemeal, and rebuilt several times before I get to a version I’m happy with. Colophon is going to be in experimental status for a long time (perhaps indefinitely), but I’ll scratch particular itches whenever they get itchy enough.